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Lewisville Councilman Cites "National Sovereignty" as Election Issue

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/4/19 0:10:00 (4261 reads)

Open in new windowLike the ever-expanding universe, the depth and breadth of political idiocy in local elections never fails to exceed my wildest imagination: Wing-nut Lewisville City Councilman John Gorena sent an email to his supporters today yet again endorsing his protégés Steve Hill and Mike McCary in the Place 1 and Place 3 City Council races. Among the reasons cited was "National Sovereignty":


"These two candidates [Hill and McCary] understand & believe in Limited Government,  Fiscal Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, The Rule of Law, and National Sovereignty.  To vote for anyone else would be like voting against my beliefs and important issue concerns.  The other candidates have publicly spoken for the opposite side of the issues. 

Yeah, right.

While we understand the typical litany of beliefs to be mostly bullshit keywords that anyone and everyone agrees to, but typically used to straw-man the other side, the "national sovereignty" issue was something I had only seen once before: In Steve Hill's semi-literate campaign literature.

Not only is national sovereignty a given, that every American pretty much believes in, but it seemed very strange to me that someone might somehow get it in their head that anyone who is not as ate-up with right-wing derangement syndrome as they are is somehow against national sovereignty.

Just for the off chance that somehow one of the other candidates said something that Gorena got mixed up in his conspiracy-riddled head, I called both T.J. Gilmore and Leroy Vaughn, who are the opponents of Hill and McCary.

I asked Gilmore what he thought Gorena and Hill could have meant by the term "National Sovereignty". Gilmore laughed and said he thought the term was usually used in relation to discussion about the United Nations and such things. Gilmore said that he couldn't see where it was an issue in Lewisville, and that he had never said anything 'for the opposite side' of the issue. "I do not support a takeover of Lewisville government by the UN or Martians, or anyone else. That's for the record."

Leroy Vaughn was also puzzled by the comment, and said he had never said anything that could be construed as anti-national sovereignty. "I pledge my allegiance to Texas and to the United States of America, like everyone else. America is the only country for me to call home. I have no idea how national sovereignty becomes an issue."

I emailed John Gorena to see if he could explain himself or provide examples of Gilmore or Vaughn having "spoken for the opposite side". I've gotten no response, so I'll assume it's the typical brainless drivel Gorena spouts to appeal to his fellow right-wing conspiracy nuts.

John Gorena is the kind of moron who continually says dumb things like this without thinking about what he's saying, then either runs to delete them and pretend he didn't say them, or comes up with some kind of lame excuse later where he says he didn't mean it.

Just once, John, could you either keep your mouth shut, or think first before you open it: "Is what I'm about to say true?" or "Does what I'm about to say make any sense?" or even "Am I an idiot/racist/fascist/homophobe/bigot/sucker for saying what I'm about to say?"

Seriously John, take your meds. Then move to Farmers Branch where you will more happy. The rest of us would like to enjoy our city instead of disparage it and its people.

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