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Lewisville Council to Seek Public Input on Oil and Gas Ordinance Change

Oil and Gas
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2009/12/20 17:20:00 (1745 reads)
Oil and Gas

Open in new windowWhen the Lewisville City Council meets Monday night, one of the topics up for discussion (PDF) is a change to the city's Oil and Gas Ordinance, seeking to establish professional qualifications for the city's oil and gas Technical Advisor.

The item is on the agenda at the request of Councilman Thornhill, who requested the city staff to review our current requirements for the city's Oil and Gas Inspector (currently our Fire Marshal) after the City of Fort Worth recently changed theirs.

Staff recommend passing the following qualifications:

The City shall employ a technical advisor or advisors who are experienced and educated in the Oil or Gas industry or the law as it pertains to Oil or Gas matters. Such technical advisor shall possess at a minimum, a degree in petroleum engineering with a background in drilling and production or demonstrate a proven background in the drilling, production, and operation of oil and gas wells. The function of such advisor(s) shall be to advise, counsel or represent the City on such matters relating to Oil or Gas operations within the City as the City may want or require and the effect thereof, both present and future, on the health, welfare, comfort and safety of the citizens of the City. In the event such Technical Advisor(s) is employed for the purpose of advising, counseling or representing the City relative to an Operator's unique and particular set of circumstances, case or request relating to this Ordinance, then the cost for such services of such Technical Advisor(s) shall be assessed against and paid for by such Operator in addition to any fees or charges assessed pursuant to this Ordinance, including an annual inspection of all wells.
Prior to the employment of a Technical Advisor, the City shall inform the Operator of the intended scope of work and the estimated costs and expenses.

The Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in Council Chambers at City Hall.

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